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Elements in Writing

Short stories and poetry from gifted Missouri writers. Five of my short stories appear in the 9th annual edition.


"Don't Forget the Peanut Butter" shows the power of family traditions and how we learn to relie on them as they are passed from one generation to the next.

"The Last McGloin" portrays the struggle of an east Texas rancher as younger generations leave the family ranch and commercial developers circle like vultures.

In "The Lakehouse Conspiracy" a man being interogated by a government agent is forced to wonder how much they know, what he should admit to, and who to point a finger at.

The search for a haunted prohibition era car once owned by a whiskey runner leads 5 boys into trouble in "Flappers and Bootleggers".

"What We Wish For" examines a western gunfighter's quest for the one thing that has eluded him his entire life—peace.

Book no.1
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