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Douglas Osgood

also writing as D. N. Sample

Official website of award winning author of western and adventure fiction.

I was raised around story. Sundays often involved the extended family at our dinner table and laughter flowed more freely there than whiskey at a Rendezvous. Narrative was one way we handed down the family code of honor. We learned about right and wrong, hard work, and fair play from the anecdotes that were passed around more than the mashed potatoes.


I come by my love of storytelling naturally. From my paternal grandfather, a Wesleyan Methodist preacher who sprinkled his sermons with stories only—cough, cough—mildly exaggerated, to my maternal grandfather—a crack shot who could shoot a dancing tick off the back of a racing deer at a hundred yards—exchanging fish stories with friends over a game of draughts, to Sunday dinners where the whole family gathered to enjoy Mom’s cooking and exchange humorous family anecdotes, I was raised to spin yarns and tell tall tales.

Born in western New York, I moved my wife and young son to the Saint Louis area via Conestoga wagon—or a Dodge Shadow—in ‘93, where we still reside along with our two 70-pound pups of questionable heritage.

Like many of the old west’s characters, my trails in life have been many. I shepherded a flock as pastor of a church, rode night herd over 250 rambunctious young men as a college resident hall director, corralled young soccer stars as both referee and coach, wrangled with the IRS as an Enrolled Agent, and rustled grub in my fifth wheel on the road with my sweetheart and the two grub-hogs.

I'm is an award-winning author of short stories including The Six Second Debt and Quiet, Wyoming Territory. My first novel, Vengeance Trail is under contract to Oghma Creative Media. I am currently working on the sequel.





COOL THINGS ABOUT TAXES AND THE WRITERS THAT PAY THEM—Just because everyone hates them doesn't mean taxes can't be laughed at. Join me for a humorous and informative discussion on taxes, business models, and shoebox storage. save the date and the receipt, but don't miss this discussion group moderated by yours truly at the St Peters, MO Cultural Arts Center, Room A from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

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My first novel, Vengeance Trail, is under contract with Galway Press, an imprint of Oghma Creative Media. This book is planned to be the first in a series about the adventures of Judiah Stone. Please watch back here for details as they become available.



Part 1 of my serial short "Trouble in Lonely Valley" appears in the Autumn-Winter 2019 issue of Saddlebag Dispatches. Read it free at:


I love to hear from my fans. Please feel free to email me at

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With over thirty years of experience as a public speaker, my unique style blends humor and story into a narrative that makes learning fun.

I would be happy to discuss speaking to your group on topics such as:

• The Business Side of Writing—Tax Issues and Business Organization

• Effective Critique Groups

• Using Technology to Assist in Writing

• Using the Internet for Research and Keeping it Organized

If interested, please feel free to contact me at

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